Consultancy Service


Scoping and Sizing

Advice the customer on the selected solution on features that they can implement and the license required. Study the customer infrastructure that need to support the selected solutions, implementation and provide the right sizing and the deployment  plan.

Preparation for Deployment

Getting all the necessary pre-deployment job done, e.g. Firewall, Certificates, VMs/Hardware, Software and Network requirement. Perform the pre-installation task and test the environment to make sure that is meets the prerequisites prior to the actual deployment job..



Manage the Deployment

Deploy the selected EMM software on he respective servers based on the planned schedule. During this phase we assist to resolve any unplanned issued, co-ordinate and work with the respective vendors, e.g. Firewall, SQL databases, Email server, IM or App servers.

Settings and Configuration

Implement configure the required settings based on customer requirement, this includes policies, profiles and app deployment. Roll out of services  and test the functionalities to ensure it meet the customer requirement.

Knowledge Transfer

We provide implemented solution documentatons as well as conduct briefing to the administrator on the entire deployment infrastructure architecture and settings. We also provide knowledge transfer to the administrator and to make sure that he can take over the systems and carry out the daily administration work.

Maintenance Support


Time Based 8 x 5 Remote Support

The very basic support we offer is the time based package. Customer can customized support required base on the total number of hours for a period of one physical year. Customer can activate our engineer to carry out remote support as and when is required.

Time based 8 x 5 with On-Site Support

Similar to the above but includes on-site call. This is for smaller customer who need engineer to go on-site to carry out certain support or administration tasks.  If issue that cannot be resolved they can activate engineer to go onsite 

Time based 24 x 7 with On-Site Support

Similar tot the above but the coverage is around the clock.

Managed Support

Customer does not have any IT staff or they needs to outsource this service to a qualified partner to handle the entire EMM solutions management task. Normally this is for larger and mission critical customer.